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For only £14 you will receive all my 20 years experience in these 7 e-books and over 20 videos.

You will receive all this fabulous content:

  • Calming Colic
  • Reflux help
  • Ways to quickly calm your baby
  • Eating mistakes by the new mum
  • How to eat well for the new mum
  • Food plan and receive book
  • Weight loss for the new mum
  • Foods that cause wind if eaten by the breastfeeding mum
  • Over 20 videos to help your baby (includes breast feeding help)
  • My 20 minute webinar I have presented at midwifery conferences
  • Videos on: breastfeeding difficulties, windy babies, why they have colic, how to help colicky babies, reflux help, what foods affect your baby if breastfeeding, how stress affects your baby, how your delivery affects your baby
  • And bonus material
Firstly, let me say a massive CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby. What a wonderful time in your life.

But is it a rather hard, stressful, sleep deprived time perhaps? If this is the case then please read on.

I'm sure you are here because you have a new baby and are struggling with them. Maybe you feel helpless because you don't understand why they are upset and don't know how you can help them?

Would it surprise you that when I ask new parents how they feel, 99% of them say "Tired"!

By the way your infographic has already been emailed and should be with you in the next 10 to 15 minutes. But that just scratches the surface of the help I have to offer you and your new baby. If you didn't get the infographic it is a free download available here:

In fact, I have 7 ebooks and over 20 videos to help you and your baby. It's called The Happy Baby Project and if you can spare 5 minutes to read on I will explain how it can help you and your baby in many vital ways to improve their health (and yours).

Let me tell you what The Happy Baby Project can do for you in one sentence:
My online course will show you proven, easy and safe ways you can have a happy, healthy, sleeping, smiling baby! And even give them better health and better sleep into the future.
Does that sound fantastic to you? Everything I have written is dedicated to helping you and your baby and if you will spend just a couple of minutes to read this page I will tell you all about it. By the way this help is all based on my 20 years of experience helping mother and baby and importantly on scientific research too.
Let's get straight to the point. Do any of the following apply to you or your baby? 
  • Your baby is excessively crying and you don't understand why?
  • Your baby hates laying on their back?
  • Either you or your baby had antibiotics at the time of birth or you have had them since when breast feeding
  • You had a traumatic or stressful birth?
  • You had a C-section, either emergency or planned?
  • During labour forceps, ventouse or kiwi were needed?
  • The delivery was very fast?
  • You are having problems with breast feeding (more commonly on the right breast)? I have  videos and articles on this tricky problem!
  • Your baby has a poor latch?
  • Your baby has constipation or watery explosive poo's? (very common and there is an lovely fix for this)
  • And various other issues that make them cry for unknown reasons that you don't understand!
Take my quick quiz about your baby and your delivery. If you answer yes to any of these questions they can be a cause of your baby's distress. But they can be helped and I explain all in my course and books...
If you have answered yes to any of those questions then I have good news. I have covered all of these problems and what to do about them in my Happy Baby online course

So who am I? Why trust me and the information I have to help you? Let me quickly tell you a bit about myself and then I will get back to how you can have a happy baby and all start getting some sleep.

My name is Christian Bates, I'm an osteopath, naturopath, baby expert and importantly a dad of two gorgeous boys. Noah and Henry are 12 and 9 years old and I'm pleased to say didn't have colic as babies because I used the knowledge I had to prevent it even happening in the first place. I can safely say to you that I have learnt, discovered and refined so much more to help the health of your baby since having my two boys. 

I have a couple of rules when it comes to virtually everything I advise patients and clients. Firstly, I would use that same advice on myself and secondly I would use it on my family and children. I guarantee you now that I would put into action everything I have written in these books if I had another child.

My dedication in life is to help parents and their upset baby with the knowledge I have gained over the last 20 years. This is the time I have been treating and helping babies who are upset, crying, irritable, colicky and not sleeping, in my clinic in Sussex and online.

I have won the prestigious CAM practitioner of the year award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Community”. This was based on my dedication to helping babies and mothers out of The Perrymount Clinic and my research into colic. Since then I have had midwives and health visitors come in and observe me in clinic, I have treated midwives and health visitors own babies and even their grandchildren and I have spoken at annual midwifery conferences to hundreds of student midwives. My clinic even has two midwives working from it and we combine our knowledge to help mums and babies. It's a great place to work here :-)

Right now I see around 30 - 40 babies per week for treatment and I give lots of advice, support and the back up material to the parents. This material is essentially the Happy Baby Course I'm about presenting to you on this page.

A few years ago I wrote a book called Calming Colic: How to help the 10 causes of colic and since then another 6 e-books on baby and mother help. These are all free to mums that bring their baby for treatment at The Perrymount but are also available for you to purchase online here, right now in my course. However, to make this wayyyy easier for you I have split this down into lots of video help too. The videos you can watch and listen to straight off your phone and they will help you understand your baby and how to help them much quicker.

So what does all this mean to you? Basically that I can help you! My passion is to help mothers and babies. And many really need help.

The crazy thing is that there are actually loads of scientific studies to show why babies are crying and upset.

But no one tells you!

I want to change that. With my experience in my clinic and continuously searching for scientific ways to help upset babies I have written these e-books which are presented in an easy to understand language. They are easy to read, they are concise, they have diagrams and graphics; everything to make it easier and quicker for you to take the knowledge in and apply it, whilst you also look after your baby. And like I said plenty of easy to watch videos too.

Let me give you an example, I found one piece of research showing that antibiotics can be a cause of reflux in a baby. But the scientists called it "Eosinophilic Esophagitis" or "allergic inflammation of the oesophagus"! 


Phrased like that this information is of absolutely no use to you at all. I personally have 3 issues with it:
Firstly, what does it mean? 

Secondly, no one has told you why this is important knowledge for you and your baby. 

Thirdly, not even the researchers said how to fix it. How you can actually help your baby.

Fortunately, I cover all this and more in my book dedicated to helping reflux, including what you can safely give your baby to help this "Eosinophilic Esophagitis". 

By the way these e-books are all PDF downloads which you can read on your phone anytime that is convenient to you and the videos you could watch or just as easily listen to whilst looking after your baby.

Have you ever been told "all babies cry"? Yet felt that your baby is crying TOO MUCH and seems in pain or discomfort? 

That is what I commonly hear when speaking to parents.

The problem is the help out there for an excessively upset baby is slim to say the least but like I have said my passion and mission is to change that and offer you help by creating "The Happy Baby Course".
Me and my 2 boys
Read what other mums like you, a consultant doctor and midwives have to say about me and The Happy Baby Project
"I would like to thank you for your book (via my father). It has been a lifesaver! At 3 weeks our daughter developed colic. What a nightmare. I never realised how hard a colicky baby could be. I searched the internet for advice but it was all so non-specific. Then my father appeared with your book when our daughter was 5 weeks old and we haven't had a problem since.

I thought your book was well written, easy to read but most importantly well researched and referenced. As a doctor I found it reassuring to see the evidence laid out for me to see. I can also see how a non medic would be able to show this book to a midwife, health visitor or GP and get them to understand your theories. I think this book should be recommended at every antenatal class!"
Dr. Louise Moran - BSc(Hons), MBBS, MAPCS, FANZCA, FCAI, EDRA, PG pClin Ed
I'm a local community midwife who has met Christian professionally and read his book calming colic, out of interest as a mum and a midwife. In September I gave birth to my 3rd child. At 3 weeks old my baby girl started getting colic. Something I was familiar with, as my other two children also suffered from colic until 3 months old. This time was slightly different though. My baby cried lots and lots and the only time someone didn't have to hold and cuddle her to stop her crying was when she was asleep. Trying to look after 2 other children whilst comforting my distressed baby was awful. Then at 5 weeks my baby became unwell with viral colitis resulting in her suffering from explosive watery nappies and blood in her stools. The GP unfortunately was not overly supportive so I contacted Christian out of desperation. 

When I saw Christian his knowledge and experience of treating babies was outstanding and he diagnosed my little girl with silent reflux. Christian also suggested a probiotic for us both to take to normalise her bowel movements which then settled and normalised within a week. The osteopathy treatments on my little girl were relaxed and I was able to hold and cuddle my baby as needed. Following the first treatment I went home and looked up silent reflux. It perfectly described her symptoms. Once we knew what was wrong, it was easier to soothe my baby, keeping her upright, tilting the cot etc. We saw Christian for a course of 4 treatments, with each treatment we saw positive improvements and at the end of the 4 treatments my baby was much more settled and was happy lying flat. She also stopped bringing up feeds. 
Community Midwife
If your baby isn't sleeping then you aren't sleeping!
You can see from the list of causes above and the list on the infographic you have downloaded that there are many, many causes of an upset baby. This means that there cannot be a single, magic cure for a crying, irritable, colicky baby. 

And there isn't! Well, there could be but it's different for each baby depending on the CAUSE. And you have to know the cause to then match the help to them.

Every baby is different and each have individual reasons for being upset. Fortunately babies have common patterns of CAUSES, which usually revolves around their first few moments of life. For example, C-section babies don't pick up the beneficial bacteria from the mother when born and this can trigger colic. So you have to use a specific fix for this specific birth type, which can get complicated to unravel to say the least.

But I will make it simple for you and take you step by step through each in my easy to read e-books.
So let me recap you on the The Happy Baby Project
The Happy Baby Project comprises of all the knowledge and experience that I have from my 20 years, of helping upset babies. I have put that knowledge into easy to understand language in e-books, videos and articles. For example, "Calming Colic: How to help the 10 causes of colic", is a full 90-page book that has a lot more help in it than just for colic. It was the first book I wrote on baby help and has been used by midwives, health visitors and medical consultants to help their own children.

You gain access to all my books and a special membership course area that you can pop back and forth to to read more or to listen to more. It's easy. These are the options:
Calming Colic - How to help the 10 causes of colic. Downloadable ebook £3.99
Full Happy Baby Course membership site. All books, handouts and videos
4 baby treatments and all books & videos FREE £216
This is a summary of each e-book
  • "Calming Colic - How to help the 10 causes of colic" - The most detailed explanation of the many causes behind an upset, excessively crying baby and how you can help them. You'll be surprised at all the causes of colic, in fact some of them aren't really even colic. This book has so much more! A book I am really proud of that has won awards and has been used by midwives, health visitors and consultant doctors to help their own baby's irritability.
  • "Quick Calm - Ways to quickly calm your baby", this is hints and tricks that I've learned myself and from parents, things that you can do right now to help calm your baby.
  • "A step by step guide to helping reflux and silent reflux in your baby". I see so many babies at the moment with reflux; it's becoming even more common than colic was, and I've written an e-book to help you with that. Reflux has a very, very common cause that can be helped.
  • I then have four e-books to help the new mum, "Nutritional mistakes made by the new mum", this is what the new mum is doing wrong when they eat and this is born out of asking new mums what they're eating. I can tell you that new mums don't eat very well!
  • Then I wrote the "Pregnancy and new mum eating advice". Because after finding out the mistakes I thought I had better help mums understand how to eat better for their own health and their baby's health too. And to make it all a bit easier for you I had a "New Mum Recipe Book & Food Plan" that will nourish you and your baby if you're breast-feeding.
  • ** SPECIAL OFFER ** And coming along very soon, it's nearly finished, a "New mum safe weight loss plan" which is safe for you and your baby if you're breast feeding or you're recovering after having your baby. Actually it's sort of 'anti-weight loss" and more about eating is a way that re-balances your hormones which will have the pleasant side effect of helping you return to pre-baby weight. You will receive this for FREE when you place your order today. This will be emailed to you immediately on it's completion in the next week or so.
  • Do you prefer watching videos or listening to videos? No problem, I have recorded many short videos for you to watch containing help with the main issues surrounding an upset baby and I will continue to make more videos and give you access to those too. I have videos on common causes of breast feeding issues, traumatic deliveries, antibiotics, probiotics, colic, reflux and loads more...
  • Bonus content. You will also receive a number of bonus content downloads. This is includes the list of foods I use for breast feeding mothers that are known aggravators of wind and colic in their baby. 
Watch the video to take a quick walkthrough of The Happy Baby Project membership area and see what you will get for your £14
The second best bit about this (the first will be having a happy baby), is that the whole course only only costs £14! 

That's a crazy low price for my 20 years of research and experience. It's not even £1 per year I have worked on this. 
Considering a pushchair can cost up to £800, it is tiny in comparison and will give you something that is priceless; HEALTH FOR YOUR BABY & SLEEP FOR YOU :-).

The Happy Baby Course can help you and your baby right now but perhaps more importantly it can even help the future health of your baby.

Yes, even your baby's future health. Did you know that having antibiotics in the first weeks of life can increase the likelihood of your baby having eczema, asthma, food allergies and even being obese? Science has proven this. But there are ways to help prevent this, all explained in my books.

Last of all I want to say thank you so much for giving me your time and reading through this. I wonder if you are reading this on your phone in the middle of the night whilst feeding your baby... 

To get help right now just click the button below to secure your Happy Baby Project membership and you can have immediate access to all this help in calming your baby and getting more sleep. It's all set up with Paypal so you can even do it one-handed just with a spare thumb!

P.S. Your purchase has a full 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the quality of information it provides. Just let me know and I will refund you, no problems at all.
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