Is your baby crying excessively or seems in pain? Are people saying to you "All babies cry"? or "Wait 12 weeks and they will get better"? But your motherly instincts tell you they are crying too much? These babies can be helped! There will be reasons they are crying excessively or have colic. Download this sheet to find out the causes. If they make sense to you then I have so much information that can help you and your baby. 

When you have an upset baby it is very often just put down to them being a "baby". Mum's know that an excessively crying baby for no reason just doesn't seem right. But I can tell you there are causes to an excessively crying, irritable baby and once you know these you can target help to that cause and settle them down very successfully. For example, antibiotics really irritate a baby's stomach and can give them a grumbly tummy that upsets them. All the different causes I have learnt over my years treating babies are in this free download. My mission is to get this information out to every mother that is struggling with their baby because there is help!

Download this and then learn how you can help them too

I read this book after reading a blog post on it and thought everything made total sesnse. I had 39 hours of contractions ending in emergency c-section due to babies head being at a strange angle and really believe this has led to his colic. (not full on colic, more tears after a feed) after JUST 3 days of giving a probiotic he has no windy cries. He's booked into see the osteopath on Monday!

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